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Aug 16, 2005

Has anyone refinanced their home loan? I just bought my house in October, but I can't help but wonder if I am getting the best loan possible. Plus, everyone keeps talking about how bad ARMs can be, and I have one, and I wonder if that was a good decision. It's a 5 year ARM, and I highly doubt I will still be in my house in 5 years (God willing, I will need a bigger house, meant for 2 people by then, or else, I will be living in New York City in a cramped little shoe box). But, I just thought I would ask if anyone had any good info for me...
posted by Ty @ 8/16/2005
At 5:45 PM, August 17, 2005, Blogger Ms. Q said...

I refied way way back in the day (1998). I used the same lender I had for my original loan and just got a lower interest rate. My lender was Countrywide and they were great. I never had an ARM though so I don't know what is involved in that. Basically, it's easy to do and you just have to shop around the different lenders and find the best deal with the lowest cost. See if they'll roll your closing costs for the refi into the new mortgage. Good luck. I would totally recommend doing it because I am sure you can save some money in the long run.


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